Made to Order: Rat Wedding Topper
Made to Order: Rat Wedding Topper
Made to Order: Rat Wedding Topper
Made to Order: Rat Wedding Topper
Made to Order: Rat Wedding Topper
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Made to Order: Rat Wedding Topper

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This listing is for one CUSTOM: made to order Fancy Rat Wedding Cake Topper.

If you love rats, chances are you'll want them represented in some way at your wedding. Many of my creations have graced the tables and cakes at weddings - the most popular being my Custom Couple Rat Cake Toppers.

The topper consists of a pair of rats, holding paws. The bride rat wears a veil and necklace - the groom wears a top hat and bow tie. My Rat Wedding Cake Toppers are hand sculpted by myself, with high quality polymer clay. They are hand painted with acrylics, and sealed with a durable matt varnish. They are made in the colours and ear type of your choice.

Wedding cake toppers are available in two sizes: small and medium. Small toppers are 2.5 - 3 inches in height. Medium toppers are 4 - 5 inches in height. The first two photos show examples of medium toppers, the third is a small topper. If you require extra accessories, such as flowers, please choose the option 'with extra' with the size of your choice upon purchase.

Please contact me me with the following information, and any photos you wish for me to use:

- Ear Type for the groom and bride
- Colour / Markings for the groom and bride
- Eye colour for the groom and bride
- Veil colour
- Necklace Colour
- Top hat colour
- Bow tie / collar colour
- Any other information including details of any extras chosen

*** I am happy to make the wedding couple as two grooms or two brides, should you wish. Prices are the same - please let me know***

Wedding cake toppers can be cleaned with a soft, dry cloth. They do need to be treated with care and as such they aren't suitable as children's toys. With careful handling and proper care these toppers make excellent keepsakes from your important day.

Your wedding cake topper will be posted in a box, packaged in plenty of bubble wrap to keep it safe on its journey.

Please note: due to being made to order, custom rat wedding toppers take between 4 - 8 weeks to complete, depending on my workload. I will update you as your order progresses, please do not hesitate to contact me with questions before purchase, especially if your wedding is fast approaching.