Price Guide for Ornaments

Along with my Memo Rats and the more detailed sculptures, I also offer a variety of smaller ornaments.

I often have these pre-made in my Etsy shop.  I am happy to discuss custom orders of these items, but the waiting time on them varies, so please bear this in mind if you are planning to order as a gift, or for a specific deadline.

Please read the general commission info and this price guide before contacting me about a custom mini rat.  Postage costs are not included in the price guide – please let me know the intended destination country upon contacting me for a more accurate quote.

To be placed on the waiting list, simply send me an email: philosophyfox@gmail.com

Mini Rats

Mini Rats are small, 2.5 – 3 inch little rat ornaments that like to sit on your desk at work, occupy a spot on a bookshelf, or keep you company on the kitchen windowsill as you do the washing up. Mini Rats are handmade and painted, and can be painted to resemble your rat.  Please try to keep pose requests simple – such as ‘sitting, standing or on all fours’. More specific requests will incur an increased price.

Custom Mini Rats start at £28

Examples of Mini Rats:

P1060403 P1060454

Birthday Rats

Birthday Rats are made in a style similar to my Memo Rats.  They come seated, holding a cake, in a colour of your choice. Please note, a more detailed cake will increase the price. Please bear this in mind when ordering.

Birthday Rats start at £55

Example of Birthday Rats:

Birthday Rat Cake Topper Rat cake topper