Apologies and Explanations

Apologies for my absence from this page for the last several weeks. I don’t often post very personal info on my website, but in this case I thought it might explain why I’ve not been very communicative lately.

I have epilepsy, and the last few months have found me trying to find a medication without the side effects my old ones had, which were interfering with my work. It’s been a long process finding the correct dosage and working through the side effects. I’ve had several seizures during that time, and so my work has suffered, as has my customer service.

I am feeling a lot better, and more confident. But I still need to catch up with a lot of orders, build up customer confidence, and get back into the ‘swing’ of things.

Apologies once again. Thank you for everyone’s patience during this time, it’s much appreciated.

Hugs and love,


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